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Stepped Down Retaining Wall Border & Flower Beds

19 May, 12:41, by pathways

Stepped Down Retaining Wall along length of driveway

Working on multi-tier brick flower beds

Multi-tier Retaining Wall Flower Beds

Back of multi-tier brick flower beds

Flagstone Natural Stone Path Sidewalk

19 May, 12:30, by pathways

Curved Rundle Flagstone Steps to Flagstone Pathway

Natural Flagstone Path Sidewalk with stone borders

Natural Boulder focal point to flower bed

Rundle Flagstone Circular Retaining Wall Patio Bar-B-Que Pit

19 May, 09:52, by pathways

Circular Rundle Flagstone Retaining Wall & Patio

Brick Bar-B-Que Pit surrounded by Rundle Flagstone

Rundle Flagstone Path, Step, Patio & Retaining Wall